Monthly Archives: July 2013

Tips For Tuning In Summer Weather.

Guitars need to be watched in extremes of summer weather. A long dry period will result in the strings going flat ( b ) as the instrument shrinks a little as it dries out. When the weather breaks the wood that the instrument is made of will try and drink in as much moisture as it can and will expand fractionally pulling the strings tighter and therefore sharp ( # ). I’ve even known owners of nylon strung guitars to wake up the morning after a storm to find that, due to this, strings have “mysteriously” broken during the night.

Guitar Strings?

Got a text from a client this morning asking if I had any spare Acoustic strings? Yes, indeed, Acoustic strings, Electric Strings, Classical strings . . . always pays to be prepared.

A World Of Songs

It’s going to take a long time to get all my tuition pieces listed here but it’s going to be worth it. Eight new acts today alone from Eagles to White Stripes 🙂

Easy Tuning

It’s amazing how compact, easy to use and affordable clip on tuners are these days. With Snarks retailing at 10 there’s no excuse for being out of tune folks 😉