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Getting The Knack :-)

My Sharona was performed by The Knack, but you can get The Knack of playing this and a world of other classic guitar tracks by contacting me and starting your very own journey of discovery on the Musical 6 String Highway.

Face 2 Face :-) :-)

While online tuition has proven to be a lockdown busting revelation to all, many still prefer lessons in person and I’m happy to say that I am now offering these as a potential option to those who are fully vaccinated 🙂

Summer Musings

As the school holidays approach many teachers will be eagerly looking forward to a well-earned break; not so, your friendly local guitar teacher – I will welcome students old and new throughout the summer (and all other times of the year!)

Could this be an ideal time to try a new hobby or even to reconnect with your musical side if you have had some time away?

One problem though – the instruments don’t seem to like the heat…regular TLC and extra preparation are required at the moment!